studio non troppo : mindful design : facilitation


Facilitation, process consultation, and organization development. These three terms highlight different timeframes (an afternoon, the everyday, the lifespan of an organization) and scopes (from immediate interaction to overarching strategy), but they have one thing in common: they are modes of helping.

In our facilitative work, Studio Non Troppo does not act in a director or content expert role. Instead, we are catalytic and supportive. We help groups do the work they need to do.

Given our values, Studio Non Troppo is not “push-oriented.” We are not interested in pushing our services on clients or in pushing ideas or advice. Instead, we choose to help organizations by striving to be the most responsive, thoughtful, idea and inspiration resource possible.

Doug Dunston, the founder and principal, has a deep technical and artistic background and has worked with groups in the civic, engineering, and nonprofit spheres. If you would like to learn more about Studio Non Troppo’s facilitative work and explore how your organization might benefit from the resources and services we can provide, please contact us.